How To Withdraw Money from Atm Machine Without Card

How To Withdraw Money from Atm Machine Without Card?

Hello friends, in this post you will know how to withdraw money from ATM machine without ATM card. To withdraw money from an ATM machine, you have to put your card in the machine. But if you forgot your card at home and you want to withdraw money, what will you do? With the changing times and technology, the solution to this problem has also come out, now you will not need to carry an ATM card with you to withdraw money from ATM, for this your smart phone is enough.

Where and how to complain to the bank

Where and how to complain to the bank? Banking Ombudsman Complaint Number, Application Form Process.

Hello Friends, it has been seen many times that the employees of the bank do not treat the customers well. Such as deducting service charge without any prior notice, making excuses for opening or closing an account, deducting additional charges even after paying the credit card bill on time, even if the bank employee gets irritated with a customer. mistreating them etc. However, it is becoming common nowadays by the employees of the bank to not talk properly or misbehave with the customers.

What is UPI Lite

What is UPI Lite | How to transfer money with UPI Lite App | How to do Offline Transaction with UPI?

Hello friends, in today’s time, digital method is being adopted a lot for transacting money. UPI is used to make these digital payments. In general, UPI is used online through the Internet. But do you know that now even without internet, money transactions can be done offline through UPI. India’s NPCI – National Payments Corporation of India company has launched an on-device wallet named UPI Lite in the market. Through which UPI can also be done in offline mode.