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5G Technology Explained Launch The Future is near

Hello Everyone! Today we will know about the 5G Technology Explained Launch The Future is near network, how fast the 5G network will be.

India, eagerly missing from the map of 5G Ready countries, was the world’s second largest smartphone market. The reason for this is that telecom providers in India do not have the necessary spectrum for the deployment of 5G. The 5G spectrum auction is due in the second half of 2019 or in the beginning of 2020.

“Qualcomm has been quite active in dealing with both telecom ministry and regulators, which can be done to them. The first thing in that education process is how rich the ecosystem is. Some devices with 5G support will be in India. Similarly, in the rest of the world, there is the same infrastructure that is also in India. What is needed is auctioned spectrum and it is good to do so that the bands that are compatible with the deployment are happening in the rest of the world, “said Malladi.

“As far as the question is, mid band, 3.5GHz band and 26GHz millimeter-wave band are in the idea, as far as I know. These are the same bands that are being deployed in the rest of the world.

For now, only Reliance Jio’s network is ready for the 5G network. This is the only single IP network, which requires the 5G deployment in non-standalone configuration. For this, the only spectrum is needed and with the more than 220 million subscribers, Mukesh Ambani-owned company is in the best position to deploy 5G Technology Explained Launch The Future is near in India. According to a report of livemint, Airtel will also be interested. In the meantime, Vodafone and Idea will focus on strengthening its existing 4G network deeper in 5G.

Even though the industry is not ready for 5G, but the promises of smart cities, transformational health care, and agriculture in rural areas will depend on 5G, which are huge for success. With no talks in the industry about the upcoming 5G revolution, India is not the best place to lead the revolution.

However, as Malladi has mentioned, the OEM will not reduce the release of 5G-ready equipment in India. Let’s hope that to support the network without the introduction of 5G-device, this will be enough reason to invest for the telescope and encourage the government to promote the 5G rollout. Until then, the Snapdragon 855-powered device will sport the new X24 LTE modem, which can theoretically provide an extreme download speed of 2Gbps. Being a peak, keyword.

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