How to Check Canara Bank Customer ID?

How to Check Canara Bank Customer ID?

In this post, we are going to tell you how the customers of Canara bank can know their customer ID. On opening an account in Canara Bank, you are issued a customer id along with the account number, which is a unique number just like the account number.

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You can read the requirement of Canara Bank Customer ID in many places especially you need it to activate mobile banking or net banking. People remember their account number, but they do not pay much attention to the customer ID.

How to know Canara Bank Customer ID?

Find out from Canara Bank Customer ID Passbook.

Canara Bank Customer ID is also printed in your bank passbook, on the first page of your passbook where your name, address and account number are written, the customer ID is also printed on the same page. So first of all, you should check in your passbook.

Check Canara Bank Customer ID Check Book.

If you have a check book, then the customer ID is printed in it too. On the first page of the check book where your information is written, you will also get the customer ID on the same page.

Find out by visiting the Canara Bank Customer ID branch.

If the customer ID is not printed in the passbook and you do not have the check book with you, then you can also get the customer ID information by visiting your bank branch. Take your Canara account passbook and any identity document to the branch and ask the bank employee present there to give the information of the customer ID number.

Find out by calling customer care

You can also ask for Canara Bank Customer ID by calling the customer care number of the bank. On calling the bank customer care, you will be asked for some of your banking details for verification, which on confirmation will be provided to you by the customer care executive.

You may need Canara Bank Customer ID in many places, so along with the account number, note it in a diary and keep it in a safe place so that you do not get inconvenience in future.

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