How to get Airtel Payment Bank Debit Card?

How to get Airtel Payment Bank Debit Card?

Hello everyone, In this article today we will learn how to get Airtel Payment Bank Debit Card?

Airtel Payment Bank ATM – Debit Card-

Airtel is the country’s leading telecom company, which has started its bank called Airtel Payment Bank. Airtel payment bank is a completely digital bank. In this, you do not need any kind of paperwork nor do you need to go to any branch. Like Paytm payment bank, airtel payment bank also gives you a virtual debit card with account opening. With which you can do payment on online shopping sites, payment on merchant shop and other work. On opening an account in airtel payment bank, you get 7.25% interest which is more than a normal saving bank account or other payment bank account.

Airtel payment bank gives you virtual master debit card which means that you can use it online only. Soon it can also launch its own plastic card, which you can use in ATMs as well. Due to airtel payment bank debit card MasterCard, you can use this card at almost every online payment site. The card number, CVV number, expiry date are all on this card.

How to get airtel payment bank debit card?

To get the airtel payment bank debit card, go to the payment bank in My Airtel App, now click on the menu icon. On the left side, you will see the option of an online card. On clicking this, you will see your debit card. Now you can use it to pay.

For more and latest information related to how to get Airtel Payment Bank Debit Card?. you can visit the website of Bank of Baroda or contact your bank branch.

Airtel Bank : 8800688006

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how to get Airtel Payment Bank Debit Card?

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