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How to Send Large File from Email?

How to Send Large File from Email?

Hi friends! All of you will still have to use email for official communication. If you want to Send Large File from Email, then you may have trouble in this. Go through complete post to know in details: How to Send Large File from Email?

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There are so many email service providers in today’s time, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, RediffMail,, iCloud Mail etc. The most popular of these is Gmail; That’s Google’s email service.

In Gmail you can send files up to 25MB only to anyone. Similarly, there is a limited place in all email services. In some cases you can not send a file of 10-15 MB too.

So today I am going to talk to you about this topic, How to Send Large File from Email? How to Send Large Files via Gmail? If you also want to Send Large File from Email, then read it till the article end.

Send Large File from Email.

It is not easy to attach a large file by email, because the email service has a fixed size for sending files. But there are some ways, with the help of which Email can Send Large File.

Many popular email services do not have the facility to attach large files to a fixed limit. In such a situation, the user has to rely on sites like wi-transfer.

However, to send large files through email, many times the file has to be uploaded to cloud storage. Then it has to be shared by link.

Anyway, if you want to Send Large File from Email, then this process is often prolonged. But big files here can also be easily sent. Now we talk about Best Ways to Send Large Files via Email.

How to use Google Drive?

Friends, if you want to send a large file from Gmail, you can send files up to 25 MB with this help. But with Gmail, you use in-built Google Drive, then it’ll be easy to share a larger file up to 10GB.

How to Send Large File from Google Drive?

If you want to send a large file through Google Drive, then after opening Gmail Account, click on Compose Button.

  • After that, the Google Drive icon at the bottom of the compose window will appear, click on it.
  • Google Drive window will open before you click on Google Drive.
  • There you can see all the files already uploaded. Select the file from which you have to send from Gmail.
  • Now you can choose any one of the ‘Insert as Drive Link’ and ‘Attachment’ given below.
  • If you select the attachment option, clicking on the insert button will select the selected file as an attachment.
In this way, you can very easily Send (Large) Send Email from Gmail. If you want to save the file being misused, then here is the option to set permission here.

How to Send Large Files from OneDrive?

If you use the Outlook mail service, you can use the Onedrive to send large files from the email. By the way, you will not be able to share files larger than 33 MB on the outlook. Here, Onedrive can help with it.

The file is uploaded to the Onedrive email attachment folder here. Then the recipient of the mail gets a link. They can download the file through this link.

OneDrive provides an option to share large files up to 2 GB. When you upload the file, then you have to choose here that the recipient can edit the file or only see it.

For this, you have to select change permission. Here you get two options:

Recipient Can View: Without a sign-in, people can copy or download your file.

Recipient Can Edit: In this, people from the shared folder can also edit, add and delete the file.

How to Share Large Files with iCloud Mail Drop?

If you want to share a large file through Apple’s email service, here’s the option to share only files up to 20 MB.

So here you can get help with the iCloud Mail Drop feature. Here the file has to be uploaded to iCloud first. Then you get the link to share it.

However, this link to Send Large File from Apple Email is temporary and expires after 30 days. If the recipient uses Mac OS 10.10 or above, then the attachment gets auto-downloaded in the background.

Through Mail Drop, you can share files up to 5GB. It supports all types of file types.

How to Email Large Files from Firefox Send?

For users who do not want to share files via Google, Microsoft or Apple’s email service, firefox send can be a good option for them.

Here we will be able to share large files up to 1GB. The file sent here is encrypted. There is no need to install an addon to use it.

  • First, you go to’s home page, then click on select a file to upload button.
  • After this, you have to upload your file here.
  • Once the upload is completed, a link is created, which you can share via email.
  • Can link up to 20 recipients (one download per recipient) at one time.
  • Here you also get the option to set a password, but the thing to note is that the link sent by you after 24 hours expires.
  • In Expiration, the file is also deleted from the Mozilla server. After this, the file will not be able to track.

Send large files without registration

So far I have given you the ways to send a Large File from Email; first, you have to register; That is to sign up and create an account.

Now let us talk about how to share Bina Registration’s Large File? For this, you can take the help of online mailing or file transfer websites. Here I am going to tell you about DropSend and pCloud Transfer.

How to send a Large File from Pcloud Transfer?

This is a part of Pcloud storage. Here too, you can send big files without registration. If you are having trouble sending Large File to Email, then this is also a great option.

The button to ‘click here to add file’ will appear on its homepage. You can upload files up to 5GB by clicking on it. The single file should not be larger than 200 MB.

Then you can set the password by clicking on ‘encrypt your file’ option. Although the password does not share with Pcloud Recipient, you can do it yourself.

Here’s the option to share a file with 10 people at a time. In this, the recipient receives a link which is valid for seven days. The remainder is also available before the expiration date.

How to Send Heavy File from DropSend?

If you want to Send Large File from Email Without Sign-up, then you can get help. You can send a large file of up to 4GB to five times in a month free of charge, while for sending up to 8GB, you will have to pay a paid plan.

It is also simple and safe with fast being. The file is encrypted 256 ES. Good thing, there is no need to download additional software for file transfer.

Besides PC it also supports iOS and Android. To use it you can visit DropSend’s official website

That’s all for now, soon you will meet with a new topic.

This was all about How to Send Large File from Email?

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