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RBI says, Don’t download “AnyDesk” this app

Hello Everyone! Today’s topic is very important. Please be sure to read it. Do you use Net Banking?Is the mobile banking app in your phone use e-wallet? If you are absolutely careful, the RBI has issued a warning(RBI says, Don’t download “AnyDesk” this app) to you. This warning is coming from the Reserve Bank of India. for you

Taking an unprecedented step, the Reserve Bank of India has issued a warning to users of all banking services in the country. The warning notes that if you have been suggested to download an app called “AnyDesk” through any social media platform or any other channel, do not download the application. RBI has warned that downloading this app can free up your bank account in minutes. This warning comes when the app is broadcast more frequently between the country’s media platform and other channels.

The vigilance about AnyDesk was issued by the Reserve Bank of India and Cyber Security and IT Examination Cell. The warning also states that once the app is downloaded to a mobile device, it asks for permission to control the device like other apps, however, when the user allows the device, then AnyDesk app is available on the phone. Confidential data starts to steal.

It generates a 9-digit app code on the user’s device and allegedly calls the user for the code in the name of the bank. Once the code is found, the hacker acquires control over the user’s device and can start the transaction. According to Zee Business, the notice issued by RBI is not limited to mobile payments made using UPI, but also applies to other forms of mobile payments. A similar advice was sent last month.

Tips for safe online banking:

  • Change your password regularly

If you are using net banking then you have to enter the password in the beginning which the bank has given to you but keep an eye on it. Immediately change the password and keep changing your password on regular basis.

  • Do not use public computers login

Do not log in by trying your best to public computers, and you do not know how many people sat on them and how-how software is there in allreading what you know about the information you are making in feeden which has your own passwords, Allready are saved.

  • Do not share your details with anyone.

Do not share your bank details with anyone such as ATM number, ATM pin, CCV , OTP etc.

  • Keep checking your savings account regularly.

If there is any problem when looking at your savings account, then compile it directly in your bank.

  • After making any transactions online, check your account regularly.
    Always use licensed anti-virus software

It is absolutely essential that the computer has antivirus software and it is necessary to use the license version, do not use the pirated version.

  • Disconnect internet connection if not in use

If you have any unnoticed URL link email, Text Message, you can open it manually by typing in the search engine and not giving your personal details.

It is a few points that will safe your online detail, and with this there is a warning of RBI that you should be aware of Definitely ”’AnyDesk” and you should also tell about this warning in your friends and relatives.

That’s all for now, soon you will meet with a new topic.

This was all about RBI says, Don’t download “AnyDesk” this app

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