What is AMC Card and how to use this card?
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What is AMC Card and how to use this card?

Friends, in this post, we are going to tell you what is the meaning of AMC in ATM card. What is its full form?


As you know, how many benefits do you have for ATM card issued by a bank, withdraw cash from atm machine or make a pos payment or pay at online shopping sites ATM card works everywhere but bank to use ATM card It also charges you something.

The bank charges you a yearly charge for ATM card, this is called AMC. The full meaninag of AMC is Annual Maintenance Charge which in Hindi means Annual Maintenance Charge. The AMC charge of each bank is different, it depends on what type of ATM card you are using.

AMC full-form – Annual Maintenance Charge

How much is the AMC Charge of ATM card charged?

How much you will charge the AMC of the ATM card is completely dependent on the bank. If you use a card with an international or higher transaction limit, then you will have to pay more AMC, for domestic use like the amp of Rupay atm card is much less. This charge can range from 100 to 500 rupees.

No AMC of ATM card issued in BSBD Zero Balance Basic account is taken, they are completely free.

How to avoid AMC, see your need?

If you want to avoid more AMC on the ATM card, then you should choose the ATM card according to your needs, if you do not need it, do not issue the ATM card or use its option like mobile banking. With this, you can avoid unnecessary banking charges.

Now you must know what AMC means for ATM card.

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What is AMC Card and how to use this card?

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