Bank of Baroda Cash Deposit Machine Information

Bank of Baroda Cash Deposit Machine Information

Bank of Baroda Cash Deposit Machine –

Hello everyone, in this article today we will learn Bank of Baroda Cash Deposit Machine Information

Bank of Baroda has also started installing cash deposit machine-like ATMs to connect its customers with 24×7 banking facility, through this machine you can deposit money in your bank account anytime, often people due to their work During the tenure of the bank branch, they are not able to go to the bank or they have to leave their work and go to the branch to deposit the money, but with the arrival of the cash recycler machine, now you deposit the money even after banking hours can do.

Bank of Baroda Cash Deposit Machine is also called a cash recycler machine. It is a self-service machine just like ATM, through which you can deposit and withdraw your account cash. The money deposited in it gets deposited in your account immediately and for confirmation, you also get a printed receipt.

Features of BOB Cash Recycler Machine –

In this machine, you can deposit cash at any time in your account.

In this machine, you can deposit money only by entering an account number without a debit card. Without a card, you can deposit only 20000 rupees per day in it.

Debit cardholder has a maximum of 2 lakh rupees per day, for which your PAN number is required to be registered with the bank. You cannot deposit more than 49999 without a PAN.

The machine will not accept fake, cut, torn, taped, folded notes, so always put the right note in the machine.

This machine accepts only 100, 500 and 2000 notes, in addition to this, put another note in the machine.

Other facilities – Apart from depositing and withdrawing money, you can change the PIN of your debit card through it. You can also get information about balance and mini statement.

Only customers of Bank of Baroda can use this machine, customers of other banks can use it for cash withdrawal-like ATMs.

You can use this machine in Hindi and English language.

Bank of Baroda Cash Deposit Machine is installed in every major city branch. Using it is as easy as ATM. All the notes that you enter, all of them are deposited in the account only after being properly checked and after your confirmation, you just have to enter your account number exactly. If this machine is not installed in your branch, then it can be installed soon in future so that you too can take advantage of it.

For more and latest information related to Cash Deposit Machine Information, you can visit the website of Bank of Baroda or contact your bank branch.

Bank of Baroda Customer Number: 18001024455

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Source: Bank of Baroda Official Website


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Bank of Baroda Cash Deposit Machine Information –

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    1. Bank of Baroda deposit & withdrawal Charges: Savings bank (SB) account holders of Bank of Baroda will be charged Rs 40-50 per transaction for depositing money beyond three free deposits in a month and Rs 100-125 post three free withdrawals.

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