How to Apply for a PNB Virtual Debit Card?

How to Apply for a PNB Virtual Debit Card?

How to apply for a PNB Virtual Debit Card?

Hello everyone, in this article today we will know how to apply for a PNB Virtual Debit Card?

PNB  Virtual Debit Card –

Friends, as you know, Punjab National Bank is a major public sector bank in India. Punjab National Bank is providing all the facilities of modern banking to its customers. In the field of digital banking too, pnb is second to none.

Recently PNB has launched a new service PNB kitty. PNB Kitty is a mobile wallet app that can be used by any person who has a smart phone and valid mobile number, for this you do not need to open an account in pnb. You can use PNB kitty wallet by registering in it online and start in a few minutes.

The PNB kitty app is available for both Android and ios.

How to get PNB Virtual Debit Card?

Friends, we have told you about the PNB kitty mobile wallet app above, now you must be wondering how you will get debit card, then the answer is when you register for PNB kitty wallet, the bank will also provide you a free virtual debit card. This debit card will work just like a normal debit card but you can use it only in online transactions. Like – Paying on online shopping sites, booking tickets online, many other tasks of paying bills.

The virtual card found in PNB kitty wallet is Rupay debit card. You can use this card only in India. This card will not work in international sites or where there is no option of rupay card. This card is the same detail that is on the normal plastic atm debit card like – 16 digit card number, validity date & cvv number.

Advantage of PNB kitty  virtual debit card –

The biggest advantage of virtual cards is that you do not have to share the information of your personal plastic debit card everywhere and there is no rate of theft or loss of this card. For this, you do not even need to open an account with a bank.

For complete information about PNB kitty wallet, you can visit this link – PNB Kitty

For more and the latest information related to how to apply for a PNB Virtual Debit Card? you can visit the website of Punjab National Bank (PNB) or contact your PNB Bank branch.

Punjab National Bank (PNB): 18001032222, 18001802222

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How to Apply for a PNB Virtual Debit Card?

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  1. I have an account in ubi. I need a Virtual Credit Card urgently for the transaction of USD on regular basis.

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