How to Avoid Fake Review on E-commerce Sites?

How to Avoid Paid / Fake Review

Hi friends! Do you know how to survive Fake Review? People often rely on product reviews during online shopping. If you also buy on the basis of the product review, be alarmed, because now the trend of fake reviews is increasing in the same way as fake news. Go through complete post to know in details: How to Avoid Fake Review on E-commerce Sites?

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In the last few years, the trend of people towards online shopping has increased rapidly. Often people read product reviews before shopping online and on the basis of that, they make a mind to buy it.

Generally, before purchasing any product online, you see its features and specifications. Then look at the reviews and ratings of that product so that the right and wrong things can be traced.

But you probably do not know that the review and rating that you consider to be the basis of quality is also fake.

So today I’m going to talk to you about how to avoid Fake Review on e-commerce sites. How to Avoid Fake Review of Products in Online Shopping? If you also want to know about it, then read it till the article end.

How to recognize a Fake Review?

  • Friends, first of all, we know that what is a Fake Review? When you buy a product online, first you see the product name, then the features and specifications.
  • After this, you get the option of review rating downwards. This place is for users who have purchased the product or know about the product. They can put their opinions here. When a new buyer goes, he looks at the reviews so that he can know the quality of the product.
  • The person who is selling that product, wants his product to be well rated so that more people can buy it. In this episode, he buys the product from his acquaintance and puts a fake rating.

The reason behind the fake review on E-Commerce.

  • Now a lot of you may be thinking that why are they being reviewed? So as I told you that the better the review will get, the better it’s rating.
  • The product that gets a good rating, the buyer likes to take it. Nowadays, companies have started to resort to fake review to make this rating. They put fake reviews and responses, which would make the rating the best.
  • The first such complaint came in 2012. When a writer had listened to his novel for sale on an e-commerce site. He placed a fake reviewer who had a good review of his novel while writing a negative review for his competitors.
  • In such a situation, the ratings have gone down, but after the truth is revealed, the e-commerce site suspended them.

Avoid Fake Review?

Some e-commerce experts say that for the fake reviews, there is currently no information about the use of a boating app, but the fake agency submits to some people who have fake e-mail ids. Their job is to do that as soon as the product list is signed, they will log in with that ID and give a rating by adding two-four word reviews.

If you are considering that review-rating is just for the product, then it is wrong. Nowadays, the Fake Review rating is given for doctors, hospitals, schools and even NGOs. Says Tech Expert Tarang Gupta, “A special algorithm is used for review-rate on e-commerce site, which is called – sentiment analysis.


In this way, the product rating is made according to the user’s review, like if you wrote ‘Good’ to a product, then its +1 rating was made, but if ‘Not Good’ was written, then Rating – 1 becomes. The number of negative words that will come in, will be the same minus rating.

In such cases, companies resort to Fake Review to make the rating better. Even here, they work quite wisely. They leave the actual review of the beginning, while you move forward, you will find that a good review of two or four words is given to them, such as the best product and good, etc.

Why do Fake Reviews?

Generally companies post a review for doing good to the rating of the product, but the second advantage is that the seller ratings are better. Actually, e-commerce shop does not sell itself, but rather there are different sellers.

In this case, good product ratings increase the cell and this also improves the cellar rating. However, the fake review is used to increase the cell of the most preferred product.

It is good to have a good review as well, and it also makes a difference to the cell. Apart from this, the performance of the product increases on e-commerce site, which is called visibility in technical language. Fraudulent reviews are also put in place for reducing negative ratings.

How to buy your product?

I have told you almost all the things related to the Fake Review. Now all of you have a question in mind about how to survive Fake Review. How do we know which is the right review and what to throw?

Before believing in any rating / review, you should see how many people have bought that product? If 10 is below and everyone has given a good rating, then there may be some suspicion. But a lot of people have bought it and there are a couple of bad ratings out of them, so it’s right to understand.

Along with that, you also pay a little attention to the branding & company of the product. People who are rating are also uploading photos of the product. You should also make sure that the product is also good in the photo.


If you have any questions about this, please comment below.

 This was all about How to Avoid Fake Review on E-commerce Sites?


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