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How to Check Voter ID card Valid or Not?

Voter ID Validity Check

Hi friends! Do you know how to check Voter ID Validity? You have a Voter ID Card, so far you have already made up your mind, who should vote in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Go through complete post to know in details: How to Check Voter ID card Valid or Not?

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Just think, stand in line for voting and when your turn comes, what should be done if you do not have your Voter ID valid by voting by saying?

So today I am going to talk to you about this topic, how to check Voter ID Validity? Check Voter ID Card Valid or Not? If you also want to know about it, then read it till the article end.

How to Check Voter ID Validity?

Friends, when we go to vote, we carry a voter’s ID. Often, there are heard such things on the polling stations that your Voter ID Card is not valid.

It is better to be distressed in such a situation that you check yourself whether your Voter ID Card is valid or not? You do not have to go anywhere for this. Only sitting at home can do this online.

Not only this, but you can also sit in the house to know which day is voting in your area and what is your polling station?

If you have any problem, you can talk to the Election Officer in your area. National Voter’s Service Portal has been created by the Election Commission to facilitate the voters, in which you can only know about the validity of your Voter ID card by giving some information.

How to Check Voter List?

Now, we do that, how to check the Voter ID Validity? There are two ways to check the validity of the voter card.

The first is the way in which you can find information about your name, age, and area. It does not require a voter card number.

At the same time, the other way you can find out through your voter card number, which is called the EPIC (Electoral Photo Identity Card) number.

How to Check Voter ID Card Validity?

To check the validity of your voter card, first, you have to go to the National Voter’s Service Portal from a computer, laptop or mobile browser on mobile.

You will see the option of ‘Search your name in electoral roll’ on the left and right here. It has to be clicked, along with a new window will open, where you will see two tabs.

If you wish, you can also search by typing   directly in the URL of the browser. Here you will see two tabs.

Find the first search by Details and find another by Search by EPIC Number.

  • If you do not have an identity card, then select the first option. By the way, by default, it will be.
  • First of all, you will get the name option. Enter your name here, which is in the Voter ID. There will be an option for his lower age or birth date. If you go down a bit, then information about the state, district and assembly constituencies will be sought. In addition, the information of the father or husband’s name and gender is sought.
  • Now by filling the Right Captcha Text, click on the option of search.

With this, your voter ID, voting center and identity card number will come in full details. You can find out if your identity card is valid or not?

What is the EPIC Number of Voter Card?

Now you have come to know how to do Voter ID Validity Check? Here you will know about the EPIC number, so now we will talk about what is the EPIC number?

If you are having trouble searching on the basis of name, you can search by EPIC number. Click on the second tab, then this option will come Let us know that the Voter card ID number is EPIC number.

  • In this section, you will first see an option to enter your ID.
  • Fill it and choose the state below. You have to choose the state of the identity card.
  • Find the lowest Captcha option. With the number given, a search is done, along with the information related to your Voter card.

Here you will find all the details related to the EPIC number, name, age, father or husband’s name, your district, voter center, and assembly constituency.

How to see Voter ID Details Online?

With the information about Voter card validity, it will be the first option to see the details. If you click on it, there will be much other information related to the identity card.

Information about voting no. Will also be available in it. Also, you will also find information on which day to vote in your area.

If you have to get some information related to the voter card or the voting then you can contact the election officer of your area.

Right here, you will find information from the right to Chief Election Officer, District Election Officer, Electoral Roll Registration Officer, and the Booth Level Officer.

If you lose your Voter ID what to do?

  • If your Voter ID is missing, you can still vote. For this, first, remove your voter details by visiting the National Voter’s Service Portal.
  • This will be the print option here. Print it. Although this will work as an identity card, it will know your information and polling station.
  • Now on the day of voting, with this print, you can take your vote by taking any of your identity cards such as PAN card or any other document which is valid from the government institution including Passport.

Verification of Voter ID by Mobile.

Now we talk about how to check Voter ID Validity from Mobile? You can also check the validity of your Voter ID from the Mobile app if you wish.

For this, you have to download the EC Voter ID helpline app. You can take full details of Voter ID through name and EPIC number in it.

When you open this app, you will get the option of ‘Search your Name in Electoral Roll’ at the beginning.

With this, the ‘Search by Details’ option will come. If you search by giving a name, father or husband’s name, age, and state, along with some other information, then the full details of the Voter ID will be available.

Here also the option of EPIC Search will be found. The good thing can be said that the app is faster than the browser. However, there will be no option to see the full details here.

That’s all for now, soon you will meet with a new topic.

This was all about How to Check Voter ID card Valid or Not?

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