How to block Aryavart Bank ATM Card?

How to block Aryavart Bank ATM Card?

Hello everyone, In this article today we will learn how to block Aryavart Bank ATM Card?

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Friends, in this post you will know how you can get your Aryavart bank ATM card blocked or stolen with immediate effect.

A person in Aryavart Bank who has an active account in this bank can issue his ATM card. You have many advantages of ATM card, through this you can withdraw money from any ATM anytime. You should take special care while using ATM card, as well as always keep your card in a safe place.

If your Aryavart bank ATM card is ever lost or stolen, then you should immediately inform the bank and block your card so that your card is not misused and your money is safe.

Aryavart Bank ATM Card Blocking Number –

If the ATM card is lost, call these bank numbers – 1800 425 1112 or 022 40429123

Your card will be closed by confirming the information sought by customer care. The sooner you block your card, the better it will be for your money security.

When using an ATM card, you must keep these things in mind –

Keep changing your ATM PIN from time to time.

Do not share your PIN and cvv number with anyone.

For sms alert, register your mobile number in the bank.

Do not give OTP, PIN and card information to an unknown person on the phone, even if it is a bank person.

Cover the keypad with the other hand while entering the PIN on the ATM machine.

Do not give ATM card to any unknown person in the name of help.

Contact the bank immediately if there is any kind of disturbance in the account.


Friends, there were some special precautions which if you lose your card, then you have very less chances of loss.

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