How to block UCO Bank ATM Debit Card?

How to block UCO Bank ATM Debit Card?

Friends, in this post today, we are going to tell you how to block UCO Bank ATM Debit Card? If ever your UCO bank atm card is lost or stolen, then it is necessary to protect your account immediately to block your ATM card so that your card is not misused.

How to block a bank ATM card?

UCO bank allows all its customers to issue ATM debit cards. There are many benefits to using ATMs, but if your card is lost or stolen, you may have to suffer heavy losses. Therefore, you should keep your UCO bank card big.

UCO bank has given two ways to block atm card immediately, first by calling toll-free number and second by sending SMS to close the card. You should know about both these methods, so that you can use your card if needed. hotlist.

Block UCO bank ATM card through SMS –

The easiest way to block an ATM card by sending messages is to send a card number or account number next to it by typing HOT. You have to type in the message box of your mobile – HOT and send it to 9230192301.

Example – HOT 9876 send to 9230192301

Call the customer care number and block the ATM card –

You can also block your ATM debit card by calling UCO bank customer care number, for this you can call toll-free number 18001030123 and confirm your card details and close it.

Above two easy ways, you can get your UCO bank ATM card locked anytime before blocking the card, you must check the card because once the card is blocked you will not be able to activate it again even if you have your card Why not get it back. If you think your card has been stolen, then get it blocked immediately.

For more and the latest information related to How to block UCO Bank ATM Debit Card? you can visit the website of Bank of Baroda or contact your bank branch.

UCO Bank Customer Number: 18002740123

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Source: UCO Bank Official Website


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How to block UCO Bank ATM Debit Card? 

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