How to change SBI mobile number through yono

How to change SBI mobile number through yono

If you have not yet added a mobile number in SBI, then you can go here and register SBI Mobile Number, but if for some reason you want to change the mobile number, then update your SBI Mobile Number online with these 2 methods given below. can change.

How to Update Mobile Number with SBI YONO?

If you are registered in SBI YONO then you can change your mobile number in this way –

1) Login to your YONO App.

2) Go to the menu option in the top left side

3 Then click on Service Request.

4 Now click on Profile.

5 Click on edit to change mobile number.

6 After that enter Profile Password, submit.

Note – If you have forgotten your profile password, you can reset your SBI Profile Password by going here.

7 After this you have to enter your new mobile number and select OTP on New Mobile Number with Debit Card Details.

8 Now OTP will come on your new number, enter it and submit it.

9 Next you have to give your Debit Card information and submit.

10 and after this your SBI Mobile Number will be updated.

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