How to register Indian bank mobile number?

How to register Indian bank mobile number?

In this post you will know How to register Indian bank mobile number. Indian Bank customers have many benefits of registering their active mobile number with their account. If your current mobile number is not updated in Indian Bank then you can easily register it.

Indian Bank Mobile Number Register?

By registering a mobile number in Indian Bank, you can take advantage of its many banking services like missed call banking, mobile banking and internet banking. To activate these services, your correct mobile number should be registered with the bank account linked. Once the mobile number is registered, you also receive alert messages sent by Indian Bank.

How to update mobile number register in Indian bank?

Updating the mobile number register in Indian Bank is very easy, for this you have to visit your bank branch, there you have to ask for the mobile number update form and fill it properly and submit it. You must take the bank passbook and an ID with you for identification so that if the bank asks you for some proof, then you can show it.

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Within one to two days of submitting the form, your new mobile number will be updated in the bank, whose message may also be received on your mobile.

If you do not have the form in the bank, you can also give it by writing the application on plain paper. In which you have to give your account number and mobile number information. This will also register your number.

By updating the mobile number, you will continue to receive banking transaction messages, if there is a wrong transaction from your account, then you can immediately inform the bank after receiving the message.

So, friends, in this way you can easily register your mobile number in Indian Bank. Thank you for visiting the blog.

For more and the latest information related to how to register Indian bank mobile? you can visit the website of Indian Bank or contact your bank branch.

Indian Bank: 1800 4250 0000

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How to register Indian bank mobile number?

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