How to Union Bank IMPS Fund Transfer With ATM?

How to Union Bank IMPS Fund Transfer With ATM?

Hello Everyone! In this post, we are going to tell you How to Union Bank IMPS Fund Transfer With ATM.

Union Bank IMPS Fund Transfer With ATM –

Apart from just withdrawing cash from Union Bank ATM, you can do many things, one of the best work is fund transfer. Union Bank of India has provided IMPS fund transfer through ATM. Through this service, you can transfer 24×7 money to anyone at any time in any bank account.

For Union Bank IMPS fund transfer, you should know two details of the beneficiary i.e. beneficiary 1. beneficiary account mobile number 2. beneficiary MMID. Before sending money, both the information given above to its recipient should be absolutely correct.

UBI IMPS fund transfer from ATM –

👉 For fund transfer from ATM, you have to go to your nearest Union Bank ATM and swipe your card.

👉 Now you have to select the option of Fund Transfer from the main menu of the machine.

👉 After this, tap on the option with IMPS Fund Transfer.

👉 Your registered mobile number will be displayed on the ATM machine.

👉 Now you have to enter the account mobile number of the beneficiary.

👉 After this, the MMID account of the beneficiary has to be entered.

👉 After this, the amount you want to transfer is to enter the amount.

👉 Now you have to confirm the details of IMPS fund transfer. As soon as the details are confirmed, the money will be transferred to the beneficiary’s account.

Both remitter and beneficiary who send and receive money will receive the message of a successful transaction on their mobile.

Fund Transfer Limit :

Union Bank of India IMPS Daily fund transfer limit is Rs. 50000 / –

This information was how to transfer IMPS fund from Union Bank ATM. IMPS is the fastest way to fund transfer, through this, funds are transferred in real time basis. Which is the fastest and safest method than any other service.

For more and latest information related to how to Union Bank IMPS Fund Transfer With ATM?, you can visit the website of Bank of Baroda or contact your bank branch.

Union Bank Customer Number: 1800222244

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Source: Union Bank Official Website


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How to Union Bank IMPS Fund Transfer With ATM?

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