Application for the Police chief or DSP

How to write an application to the Police chief or DSP?

Hello friends welcome to In today’s blog we will know how to write an application to the police chief or DSP. The topic is in relation to the settlement of land disputes between two groups.

Two languages will be used to write this application in English and Hindi.

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Application writing format for Police chief or DSP.

Before writing an application to DSP, it is important to know something about DSP like- Who is DSP? What is the work of DSP? And so on.

For your information, let me tell you that the full form of DSP is -Deputy Supritendent of Police, whose Hindi meaning is Vice President of Police.

The command of the entire district police is in the hands of the SP, after that the number of the DSP comes. That is, the DSP is under the SP.

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So, let’s know what is the format to write application to DSP

  • Start the application with the word in the service.
  • After that write the date.
  • Greet the officer.
  • While writing the application, the subject must be included in it so that the essence of the entire application can be read in just one sentence.
  • Now write down the main points. Keep in mind that you do not write your problems in the form of a story.

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The DSP,

Khagaria, Bihar

30 September 2021

Subject – Letter to resolve the dispute between two factions.


During the idol immersion of Durga Puja, there was a fierce fight between two groups and there was chaos. This quarrel did not end only. The idol immersion took place somehow, but even after that, there is a hot summer in both the groups till today. Sometimes someone’s head breaks, someone’s leg breaks.

The two groups in which there have been fights and have been injured, both the groups are again doing new head yantras. There could be a bloody game between the two factions at any time.

Therefore, it is a humble request to Mr. You should stop the bloody game of this plant. So that no one’s house is destroyed.

yours faithfully

Abhay Kumar

How to write an application to the Police chief or DSP

I sincerely hope that you will not face any problem in writing application to DSP / Vice President of Police. If you are still facing any problem then do write it in the comment box. And if you find this article helpful, then do share it with your friends.

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