Tips to Stand Out in the Vast Competition of IBPS PO Exam

Tips to Stand Out in the Vast Competition of IBPS PO Exam

The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) as we know conducts the IBPS PO exam for the recruitment of Probationary Officers every year. The recruited officers go on to manage some of the most prestigious and largest banks in the country. There is vast competition for a limited number of vacancies. Standing out from this large pool of talented people will be requiring dedication, discipline, and a stronghold of the subjects that are in the IBPS PO Syllabus. To achieve this goal, we have some tips for you on how to prepare for the IBPS PO exam.

Exam Preparation Tips for IBPS PO

Bank exam preparation demands a lot of time and effort. The tips given below have been drawn up after extensively studying strategies used by toppers of the Bank PO exam which can be adapted by you to be better prepared and score well:

1. Study Right Books

It is important to choose the best IBPS PO books for preparation for each of the subjects. Make sure that the book that you study from is written in a manner that can be easily understood.

2. Know the Detailed Syllabus

The IBPS does not specify a defined bank exam syllabus for any of its exams. However, one can know the major topics that are repeated every year from studying past year bank exam papers.

3. Make a Study Plan

The study hours should be well-planned and scheduled for each day. Aspirants should aim to cover chunks of the bank exam syllabus step-wise and also include revision of topics timely.

The study plan should also include solving previous years’ bank exam question papers and mock tests. Again, the plan should be realistic and practical so that it can be easily followed.

4. Attempt Regular Mock Tests

Mock tests should be regularly attempted by a candidate because they have to answer a large number of questions in a short amount of time. Solving IBPS PO mock test series will help to stay updated with the type of questions that can be asked in the exam.

Attempting mock tests has two major advantages. First, it provides the candidates with a good idea of their preparation level, which allows them to intensify focus on their weak areas in the IBPS syllabus. Second, it also gives them ample practice in solving questions within a limited time.

5. Read Newspapers

Reading newspapers is an important habit of IBPS PO preparation. Candidates must regularly read the newspaper, and to cover current affairs for the exam they should focus on the business pages.

6. Practice with Previous Papers & Mock Tests

Going through the IBPS PO previous years’ exam question papers and mock tests will give an insight into the candidate into the important topics and the exam pattern. This analysis will be beneficial if it is conducted before the initiation of the exam preparation as it will help the candidate to know their wear topics on which they need to focus more.

Solving previous year question papers will not only help the candidates to analyze the important topics from the exam point of view but it will also assist apprehend the standard of the exam.

7. Focus on One Stage At A Time

The PO exam is a two-stage exam and both stages have many similar topics in their syllabus. Candidates should focus on one stage at a time as the pattern is the same.

Candidates should use these tips on how to stand out in the competition of the IBPS PO exam to score well in the exam. Hope you found this article helpful!

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