What is Social Media Marketing?
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What is Social Media Marketing?

Hi friends! All of you will be using social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. But do you know what is Social Media Marketing?

With the onset of social media marketing, companies have followed this trend fast. It is easy for companies to reach customers through this and marketing their product is easy and effective.

But, to keep any trends effective, you must keep it updated with the changes that happen on a day-to-day basis. And the internet world is fully dynamic, there are some different trends in it every day.

So today I’m going to tell you that 2019 New Trends in Social Media Marketing is it? If you also want to know about how it can be beneficial for you, then read it till the article end. Go through complete post to know in details: What is Social Media Marketing?

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Social Media Marketing New Trends

Those days have passed since the companies used Social Media as a marketing channel. Today social media has become a platform that is playing an important role in promoting and identifying a business.

On this platform, the customer is asking questions related to any product, taking the information of the companies offered with any product and also registering their complaints against the product.

This platform, which facilitates communication between customers and the product, can not overlook the role of this platform today by any business. If you are also taking the help of social media for marketing your business, then you are required to keep updated on the changing trends over time.

So now we talk about some such new trends. What is New Trends in Social Media Marketing?

Content Marketing vs Social Media Marketing.

This marketing is a new way. In this, high-quality and interesting content is created, to attract the target audience and to be kept engaged. Content in Social Media Marketing means digital content, i.e. blog post, video, e-book, infographic, podcast, etc.

Its main objective is to promote a brand, product or website to make a subscriber to the audience. Content marketing has also helped us to simplify the lives of the customers as well as the companies.

People used to travel around the travel agent’s office to go first, but today, with a click on the internet, all the websites related to travel are available, making it easy for customers to plan.

Similarly, if you have to buy a car or bike, then you can get information about its features, mileage, etc. online. Even the price comparison is done on the internet or smartphone. In fact, it is amazing for all content marketing that customers can fulfill every task at their convenience in less time and without running away.

Growth of Video Marketing

The year 2018 was an exciting year for video marketing. During this time we saw the video trends grow faster on Facebook. Even when Google started searching the video content at the top of the search.

The result was that other social media sites also included the rise of video content completely. This is the reason that 2019 is being seen as the year of the possibility of continuous growth in video marking.

Online Personal Information on the Internet.

Considering the client’s needs closely, they are marketing the product as per their requirement.

There are many companies that are providing the data of customers to other companies. Companies read through this data and try to understand that what the consumer needs at present are a product or product in his daily life.

Based on this information, the companies start sending the advertisement for the product related to their needs to the customer. In the year 2019, on the basis of personal information, there is a possibility of further marketing, because the process is easy for customers to target the customer.

What is Invest in Social Media Marketing?

In 2019, when companies and brands started promoting their product on social media, they received a good response from customers and others. Customers started to like the company’s page. Because of this, branding of products by companies using social media would be a great option.

But, in 2018, the trend of customers towards social media marketing was lower rather than increasing. With this change, it was conjectured to the companies that they have to invest in this platform to promote their product.

In 2018, companies started investing for social media marketing and in 2019 this trend could be seen as well as moving forward.

So Friends! That’s what New Trends of Social Media Marketing in 2019. I hope you enjoy this article. And now you have also come to know that what is Social Media Marketing?

If you have any questions related to social media marketing, please comment below.

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This was all about What is Social Media Marketing?

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