How to add any place to Google Maps?

Hello Friends! How to add any place to Google Maps? If you have these questions in your mind, how to add your home, office, shop or any place to google maps, today in this post you will be giving some simple steps that will help you easily find any place Can add to google maps. Go through complete post to know in details: How to add any place to Google Maps?

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What are Google Maps?

Google Maps Google Earth is a web mapping application created by Google which was launched on February 8, 2005. Through the Google map, we can look at any place by searching. If you go to some other place then you do not need to ask for an address. You can find your own hotels, restaurants, petrol pumps, ATMs, and other places to visit around by visiting your location. Through this, you can know the time of departure and departure from one place to another.

How to add any please to Google Maps?

Step 1:

First of all, you can open the google maps app on your mobile. If you use a computer then you will have to go to its website address. After opening the app you will have to click on the menu bar ☰ will appear on the left side.

Step 2:

After clicking on you click on satellite. Turning on the Satellite will help you find a location.

Step 3:

After you turn on the Satellite, you will have to go to the menu bar again. Click on the Add a missing place next to tips and tricks.

Step 4:

After clicking Add a missing place, you will open a page in front of that place, fill the details of the place you want to add on the google map. On the following image, you can see

  • Enter the name of the place you want to add to the google map here, like – if you have a school, put the name of the school or if you have a shop then enter the name of the shop.
  • Choose the location of the place you want to add to the map par here. To select the location you can choose by clicking on the Mark location on Map * place.
  • After selecting the location, select the category of the place where you have added google maps. If you have added home then you can select the school, add the school to the school or if the store is added then select the shop.
  • After selecting category, you have to choose days and hours. Select how long your expanse is added, how many days are open in the week, and select how many hours are open from day to day.
  • There is a phone number of the place that has been added here.
  •  Here is a website of the place you have added or leave this place blank.
  •  Put the opening date of place here.
  • Add photos of the place added here.
  •  Now after filling all the details, click here to save ▶ ️.

Just now save will be added to your place google maps.

How will you post this post in the comment section, if you have any problems adding the place, then please comment and ask me.

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