WhatsApp new feature

WhatsApp new feature

What’sApp update: Social media messaging platform What’sApp has surprised its subscribers through its new features added on Android or iOS platforms. What’sApp has announced a major update to its privacy settings ahead of elections in India. Go through complete post to know in details:  WhatsApp new feature

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1) Group privacy

The first feature comes in WhatsApp, with the update, it is group privacy. That will let users decide who can add them to any chat groups. Earlier, the WhatsApp user could be added to any group

Who can add me to groups (Setting)

  • Account >>
  • Privacy >>
  • Groups >>

2) WhatsApp Consecutive voice message

Conservative voice messages can play This feature is about to come, where you are coming to you in a single voice. Voice messages will be an option for you to play Automatically, for that you do not have to play especially, it is also a new feature which you Soon you will see WhatsApp after an update which will be in WhatsApp. 

3) Fingerprint authentication

The second feature is fingerprint authentication, they have also come in many phones where you have come to What’sapp, where you can now activate fingerprint sensor in WhatsApp and unlock on the venue one to go ahead the WhatsApp and There will also be a feature of locking after unlocking it where you can set it in settings and after which delay your WhatsApp.

That’s all for now, soon you will meet with a new topic.

This was all about WhatsApp new feature.

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