How to create Partition on Windows 10

Hello, guys in this post I am going to show you how you create a partition on your Windows 10 operating system on your hard drive. Go through complete post to know in details: How to create Partition on Windows 10

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So let’s start first of all go to the start menu and then click File Explorer.  And then here on the left-hand side just need to right-click on your PC then not this kind of computer management Windows in here what we need to do is we need to go to the storage section and go to the section which says disk management. So disc management section is going to look like this disk this zero.

You will able to see system reserved a memory and then you able to see your C Drive which is the man drive and in your case which can be a another drive name but it’s the biggest memory drive in your system so in my case C drive for example I when to a partition C drive so I will right-click on this C drive and right click on this us C drive and then choose shrink volume…. which is am going to take some time so,  says querying volume for available shrink space please wait.

So you just need to wait for your computer is not flow or anything’s you just need to wait until this disk management now we will able to see this kind of Windows so everything is shown.

  • Total size before in MB……..
  • size of available shrink space in MB……….
  • enter the amount of space to shrink in MB……..

And this amount of I can shrink I want just 5 GB of space so I will write 500 is equal to 5 GB because of its Sewing memory in a megabyte and just click Shrink.

And which is also go sometimes then you able to see this kind of unallocated memory so this much amount of memory I have located to the new partition. Now just click on unallocated space. Right-click this and just click New simple volume.

Then this is going to open this kind of volume Wizard just click Next.

And here we will leave everything’s as default if you just click Next.

And in hear you can choose your drive then click Next.

And here you will be able to see format partition and select format at this volume with the following setting and click Next.

And they are going to see you this kind of interphase which say creating the new simple volume Wizard and just click Finish and again it going to sometime and then after sometime you will be able to see this space or partition will be a given new name which our you have as a given as a level.

Now after some time, I can see this partition is created and the name or level I have given is also shrinking here of around 5 GB of space now just click weather uh it really there or not and just open folder Explorer. Now in my folder is there drive is created.

That’s all for now, soon you will meet with a new topic.

This was all about How to create Partition on Windows 10

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