History Of Khagaria District (Bihar)

Khagaria district is one of the 38 districts. In case of area, it is the “9th” district in the case of “6th” more population. The border of Khagaria district is in Saharsa in the north, Munger and Begusarai in the south, Bhagalpur and Madhepura in the east, and meets Samastipur district in the westArea of Khagaria is 1486 km sqr. Go through complete post to know in details: History Of Khagaria District (Bihar)

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In the case of relation in Khagaria,

Khagaria Population was according to the census of 16.5 lakh 2011.

Hindu population – 79.2%

Muslim population – 10.53%

Other – 0.3%

If you see the ratio of female and male is 883/1000

Khagaria literacy rate is 60.7%

Khagaria district used to be a part of Munger district which was

separated in 1981. On May 10, 1981, it became an independent district.

Khagaria has Two subdivisions

1) Khagaria

2) Gogri

Which contains 7 blocks

1) Khagaria 
2) Gogri 
3) Mansi 
4) Beldaur 
5) parbatta 
6) Alauli 
7) Chautham

Total number of:

Villages – 306 
Jury (panchayat) –129

Khagaria is also known as a different name which is Farkiya.

Where does Mughal ruler Akbar ask his minister Todarmal to make a map of whole Samarth. But he could not make the city map because the area was surrounded by rivers and dense forests all around. And this is why the name was Farkiya here. 
Farkiya is an Urdu word. And Farkiya means separation or different.

Khagaria district causes floods every year. So the land here is very moisture. And for this reason, there is a ban on making more than a 5-storey building in Khagaria district.

Khagaria is an agricultural district, where there is abundant cultivation of BananaMaize (Corn)WheatPaddy (Rice) and Chili.

In the case of maize fertility, Khagaria got the first position in the world in 2008.

The rail accident in Khagaria town, which happened in Dhamara Ghat in 1981, it is said that it was India’s largest rail accident.

According to official statistics, about 500 to 800 people were killed, 3 to 4 bogies of the train disappeared in a deserted way after going to the river, which has not been found till date.

Khagaria is a very small town, but the railway station is bigger than that which turns up to Barauni and Guwahati Marg.

Places of interest include Katyayani Asthan, Shyam Lal High School, Andheri Balwahi, Sanhauli Durga Asthan and Kosi College.

The chief person here is Late Prabhu Narayan Singh, Late Ramsevak Singh, Late Raghuvir Singh, Late Siyaram Singh, and Late Dhaniram Singh. 
Who helped a lot from the Khagaria district in the freedom struggle and sacrificed his life, whose memorial is still in Khagaria district, is present in many places.

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