How To Activate And Use Payments On WhatsApp

How To Activate And Use Payments On WhatsApp

If you use Smartphone then it is obvious that you must be using WhatsApp too! That is why you are reading this post because the feature of What’sApp was being discussed for a long time. Finally according to What’sApp official blog, on 06 November 2020 What’sApp has released that feature for Indian users as well. Yes, we are talking about What’sApp Pay ie What’sApp Payment Feature.

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Just like you do the transaction of money directly from your bank account through Google Pay, PayTM and PhonePay, in the same way, WhatApp has also made its move.

However, for some users, the payment option of WhatsApp became available only in 2018, if I talk about it, this feature in my WhatsApp’s Android App came only in March 2018. And I have also paid for it many times.

There are around 400 million users of WhatsApp in India but for now NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) has allowed Payment Option to WhatsApp only for 20 Millian WhatsApp Users.

If you also want to activate this payment option in your WhatsApp, then update your WhatsApp from Google Play Store now, maybe you can also come across those 20 million Lucky Users.

If after the update, the option of payment has been enabled in your WhatsApp, then you continue reading this post to do WhatsApp Payment Setup.

In this important post you will know what is WhatsApp Payment? How to do WhatsApp Payment Setup? And how to send or receive money from WhatsApp?

What is what’sapp?

You can send money or make payments to anyone through WhatsApp Pay. And they go directly to his bank account. WhatsApp Pay is such an option of payment within your WhatsApp Mobile Application, through which you can also send and receive money just like sending a message on WhatsApp. For this, you do not need to install any separate app.

This feature of WhatsApp works with the service “UPI” launched by Honorable Prime Minister Modi. It is not a difficult task at all, if once you setup WhatsApp Pay with your bank account, then you can send and receive money in your bank account as soon as you write Hello on WhatsApp.

You will also get to know in this post how to link your bank account in WhatsApp Pay.

What is UPI?

The biggest role in money transactions in WhatsApp is the UPI system itself. But what is this UPI? The full form or full name of UPI is Unified Payments Interface / Unified Payments Interface. Which is the fastest and safest payment system ever.

The UPI is created by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). With the UPI, you can quickly and easily transfer money from one bank to another, in a way it is an advanced form of IMPS.

Just like you first needed someone’s account number, bank name, IFSC code etc. to transfer money, only then you could transfer money to him, but through UPI you can send money only from his UPI ID, which is a Email is same as ID. Even you can exchange instant money only from mobile number.

Just like your ATM card has a password and when we go to withdraw money from ATM, we have to enter the password of 4 Digit. Similarly, to make any payment through the UPI System in WhatsApp, you also have to enter the UPI PIN.

But remember that you have to enter this UPI PIN only when you make payment to someone, if you are taking any payment from someone, then in that condition you do not need to enter any kind of PIN. Only you have to tell him your UPI ID or the mobile number from which the UPI ID is registered, nothing else.

Note: WhatsApp Payment some important things

  • To pay with WhatsApp Pay, both Sender and Receiver must have WhatsApp App Update.
  • Both Sender and Receiver must have Option Enabled payment in WhatsApp App.
  • The one you want to send money to should also register on some UPI platform.
  • The mobile number from which your WhatsApp account should be registered in your bank or else you will not be able to register on WhatsApp Pay.

How to Add Bank Account Details in WhatsApp?

Step-1: open whatsapp & click payments:

open whatsapp & click payments

After updating, open WhatsApp and after clicking on the three dots in the Top Right Corner, if you see the option of payment here, then click on it.

Step-2: add payment method:

add payment method

After clicking on Payments, some such interface comes on your mobile screen as you can see in image-2 above. Click on Add Payment Method here.

Step-3: accept and continue:

accept and continue

By clicking on the option with Payments, a message with “Send and receive money securely with UPI” comes in front of you. Now here you have to click on “ACCEPT AND CONTINUE”.

Step-4: select your bank:

select your bank

In the next step, the list of many banks appears on the screen of your mobile. Choose your bank from these.

Step-5: Verify your phone number:

verify your phone number

Now here at the bottom you have to click on “VERIFY VIA SMS”.

Step-6: Allow permissions:

Allow permissions

Ask you here some Permission and allow them all.

Step-7: Select SIM slot:

Select SIM slot

After that if you use 2 SIM Cards in your mobile, and then in the next window you see the names of the operators of both your SIM Cards. Now you have to work very carefully here.

Here you have to select the SIM which is registered with your bank. If both of your SIMs is registered in different banks, then in this condition you have to select the SIM through which bank you want to pay with WhatsApp Pay.

Step-8: Select bank account to add:

Select bank account to add

Now which bank account is linked to that mobile number in the bank, after being verified, you will be able to see the last 4 digits of that account number. Click on it

Step-9: Bank account added:

Bank account added

After Verifying Mobile Number and Bank Account Number, Bank Account Added comes by typing. Click Done at the bottom here.

As soon as you click on Done, you are asked to Verify the Debit Card of your bank account meaning ATM Card Details. Where you need to set a UPI PIN. Click Continue below here.


If you have already created UPI PIN of this bank account on any UPI platform such as PayTM, PhonePE, BHIM, Google Pay etc. then you will not be asked to set UPI PIN here.

Step-10: Verify Debit Card:

Verify Debit Card

Now here you have to add 6 Digit and Expiry Date of the last of your Debit Card. Check with your Debit Card and after adding these two details, click on Next.

Step-11: SET UP UPI PIN:


As I said in the beginning, WhatsApp Payment Function works on UPI. So here you will be asked to set an UPI PIN keeping security in mind. For this, click on SET UP UPI PIN below.

Step-12: Enter OTP:

Enter OTP

Now an OTP arrives at the registered mobile number in your bank which will be added automatically and you can check it and type it yourself. After that you have to type a UPI PIN below it as per your wish. Insert a UPI PIN once again to confirm.

Keep in mind that whenever you make a payment to someone, every time you make a payment, you will have to enter the same UPI PIN as you enter your ATM password every time you withdraw money from the ATM. After entering the UPI PIN twice, click on the icon on the right below.

Step-13: UPI PIN Set Successfully:

UPI PIN Set Successfully

Now a small pop-up comes on which it is written in English that you have successfully set UPI PIN for this account, just click OK here.


Now in image-14 above you will see that your Bank Account will have been added below the Payment Method. If you wish, you can also add more than one bank accounts through Add Payment Method again.

So, you should do Step by Step WhatsApp Payment Setup in the manner mentioned above. Now you have completed the setup of WhatsApp payment. Let us now know How to send money from Whatsapp?

How to pay with Whatsapp?

Step-1: Open WhatsApp Chat:

Open WhatsApp Chat

It is very easy to send or receive money from WhatsApp. Whatever you want to send money to your WhatsApp Contact, just open WhatsApp and click on that contact.

Step-2: Click Attachment icon & Payment:

Click Attachment icon & Payment

Now you have to click on the icon with Attachment below. After that, click on the icon with “Payment” here.

Step-3: Enter Amount:

Enter Amount

Now you will get exactly the same interface as when you are chatting with someone on WhatsApp. Enter the number of WhatsApp Se Paise you want to transfer or send money and click on the arrow icon.

Step-4: Enter UPI PIN:


Send Click on the icon, for Secure Payment Transaction, you will be asked to enter the UPI PIN every time you set it while making payment setup. Now just enter your UPI PIN and click on the right icon.

As soon as you enter your UPI PIN, this money will be credited immediately to the bank account of which you have sent it.

Payment Transaction

So if the payment option comes after updating in your WhatsApp, then you can setup WhatsApp Payment in the manner mentioned above and can transfer and receive any of your WhatsApp Contact.

But what to do if payment option does not come even after update?

How to enable payment option in Whatsapp?

This is a trick that you cannot do on your own, for this you will have to seek the help of a friend or relative whose payment option has been received in WhatsApp.

Open your number in his WhatsApp like chatting and click on the payment icon after clicking on the attachment.

If any one of the above two images can appear in front of you, if a screen like image-20 comes, then click on NOTIFY. And if an image like image-21 comes, then you has to update your whatsapp from the Play Store first and if you want to send money to someone else, you cannot do anything until they update their WhatsApp.

In the condition of image-21, there was talk of someone else, but if you want to bring payment option in your WhatsApp, you must have updated it! Just click on NOTIFY.

Now open your whatsapp and click on 3 Dots in the Top Right Corner as soon as you click on Notify. Now you will also see the option of Payments here.

Now just complete all the steps that I have mentioned above in this post for Payment Setup. Click here to access the setup process.

Now this can happen even if the person who wants to send money from WhatsApp has already got the option of payment in WhatsApp, but he has not done the WhatsApp Payment Setup, then even in that condition when you send him the payment on payment. Even if you click, the screen will come exactly like image-20. 


Now if you click on NOTIFY, then there will be a notification of a WhatsApp Payment Link that you can see WhatsApp Payment Setup as you can see in image-22.

How to send Money from WhatsApp in any UPI ID?

send Money

It is not that you can transfer or pay money from WhatsApp to only those people who are on WhatsApp. You can easily transfer money to those who do not use WhatsApp Payment through UPI ID.


For this, after coming to the payment feature of WhatsApp, click on New Payment in the corner below. After this, click on Send to a UPI ID.

How to send WhatsApp Payment from QR Code?

Right Corner

And then the person whom you want to pay, after going to your WhatsApp Payment, ask to click on the QR Code in the Top Right Corner. After this, take the QR Code Scanner of your mobile over its QR Code and scan it. Once scanned, there will be an option to send payment to him in your WhatsApp.

transfer money

So in this way, you can easily transfer money to anyone through WhatsApp Payment Feature by setting up WhatsApp Payment. I have tried to cover all the important things of WhatsApp Pay in this post so that you do not have any problem related to how to do WhatsApp Payment Seup and then how to pay with WhatsApp Pay.

WhatsApp Pay

If you still have a problem, then you can write your comment in the comment, I try to answer every comment as soon as possible. I hope you have liked this post! Do share this information with your friends and relatives so that they too can get this information as soon as possible. Thank you.

That’s all for now, soon you will meet with a new topic.

This was all about How To Activate And Use Payments On WhatsApp.


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