How to know CIF number of Central Bank of India?

How to know CIF number of Central Bank of India?

Hello everyone, in this article today we will learn How to know CIF number of Central Bank of India?


Do you also have a bank account in the Central Bank of India and you need your CIF number information, in this post, we are going to tell you what a CIF number is and how it can be found.

What is Central Bank of India CIF number ?

When you open an account at the Central Bank of India, a CIF number is issued along with the account number there. The full name of CIF is customer identification file. This is a type of digital file in which all the necessary information of the bank customer is present. You often need an account number as well as a CIF number for banking work.

How to know CIF Number of Central Bank of India?

Through Net Banking – If you use CBI Bank’s Net Banking, then you can easily find out your CIF number. The number you see at the top is the CIF number when you log into Net Banking.

How to know CIF number of Central Bank of India?

Central Bank m-passbook – You can also find this number through the digital passbook of Central Bank of India called cent m-passbook. If you also use this passbook, then first you log in and then go to the option of user profile, here you will know your User ID (CIF) number.

How to know CIF number of Central Bank of India?

By calling Customer Care – If you do not use net banking and m-passbook, then you can also find out your CIF number by calling the Central Bank Customer Care Number. On calling this number, you will be asked for some information, which you have to answer correctly and your CIF number will be told.

Central Bank of India CBI Customer Care –

CBI Customer Care Number – 1800 221 911

By Branch – You can find this number from your bank branch too. This is the easiest and easiest way.

CIF number is asked from you in many places like making ATM PIN, for mobile banking

You may also need it in registration, fund transfer and other work, so you must also know your CIF number and note it down.

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For more and latest information related to How to know CIF number of Central Bank of India?, you can visit the website of Bank of Baroda or contact your bank branch.

Central Bank of India Number: 1800221911

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Source: Central Bank of India Bank Official Website


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How to know CIF number of Central Bank of India?

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