How to make Google form in whole process

How to make Google form in whole process?

Hello everyone, in today’s post we are going to tell you what is Google Form? How to make Google form in whole and easy process?

Google Forms is a service provided by Google, through which you can create a form for online data collection as you must have seen on many websites. This form is very easy to make, in this, you do not need any knowledge of coding, etc.

What is Google Form?

Google Form is Google’s free service, whose option you get in google drive. When we have to collect information about any subject or register for something, then we need forms for that so that we can collect the information of different people. In the age of internet, this work is being done through online forms. If you also need online data collection, then with the help of Google, you can do data collection by creating a form for free. Through google forms, you can create contact form, registration form, quiz form, list generates form, etc. You do not need any kind of technical knowledge to create Google Forms, you can create a professional form by simple drag and drop.

Now we have learn how to make Google form in whole process?

How to make google form?

You must have a Google account to create a Google Form. To create a google form, you have to go to google drive. Google Drive is a cloud storage service through which you can store your files online. You can collect data online by creating a form on Google Drive.

How to make Google form?

  • First of all, you log in to Google Drive and go to the option of New appearing on the left side of the screen in front
  • As soon as you click on New, you will see the option of more at the bottom of the side, click on it.
  • Now select the first option Google forms

Blank form will open –

  • Untitled Form – Enter the title name of your form here
  • Form Description – Here you can write the description of the form
  • Untitled Questions – From here you can start adding to your form
  • In this form, you can also add multiple choice, dropdown, checkbox type questions.
  • Side you get many options, with the help of which you can add question, add image and video and add a section in this form.
  • You can enable Required in the compulsorily answered question.

Customize settings – You will get the option of customizing above in the form so that you can change the theme of your form, add header image, change the theme and background colour.

Preview – You can check the preview of the form.

Google Form Settings –

After creating Google Form, you will have to set a lot by going to the Settings option so that you can collect the data properly. There are three parts to the settings. General settings, Presentation & Quiz

Google Form General Settings Option –

  1. Collect email address – If you want to keep the information about the email address of the select then select it

  2. Response Receipts – The copy of the answer given in the Google form will also be sent to

  3. Limit to 1 response – A person can fill the form only once

  4. Edit after submission – Will be able to edit after filling the form

  5. See summary charts and text responses – You can check the summary of all the forms till now

Make Presentation Settings according to you

Send Forms –

There are three options available in send forms – mail, link, and embed code

  1. In the first option, you can send the form to the direct email addresses.
  2. In the second option, you can share the link to the form on your social media account.
  3. In the third option, you can add the code of the form to your blog or website

How will the data of Google Forms be collected?

  • Go to Response option in Google form
  • Select create a new spreadsheet
  • Set up this new response spreadsheet as your own

You will get the data collected by Google Forms here, which you can also download.

Hope the information given on how to create google forms must have been useful to you.

Still, If you have any quarry or doubt regarding this post. Feel freely to ask anything. We are happy to help you.

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How to make Google form in whole process?

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