How To Withdraw Money from Atm Machine Without Card

How To Withdraw Money from Atm Machine Without Card?

Hello friends, in this post you will know how to withdraw money from ATM machine without ATM card. To withdraw money from an ATM machine, you have to put your card in the machine. But if you forgot your card at home and you want to withdraw money, what will you do? With the changing times and technology, the solution to this problem has also come out, now you will not need to carry an ATM card with you to withdraw money from ATM, for this your smart phone is enough.

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Banking methods have also changed in smart phones and internet, now you can make cashless payment anywhere through your mobile wallet. Many banks have added another feature in their mobile banking app so that you can now withdraw cash from ATMs Check in banking app.

In some big cities, there are now ATMs from which you can withdraw money even without a card. Now you must be thinking how it will work.

To withdraw money without ATM, you will have to register with your bank, on registering, the bank will give you an MPIN, now you have to install the bank’s app in your phone. When you want to withdraw money, by entering MPIN on your app, choose cardless withdrawl option, a password will come on your mobile from which you have to create a permanent password. Now you go to the ATM and choose the option of cash on mobile.

A form will open in the ATM machine, in which you have to enter your mobile number, amount, password sent from the bank and your generated password, the money will come out of the ATM as soon as all the four things match.

Banks have set a daily limit for cardless transactions, meaning you cannot withdraw the card without exceeding a certain limit.

With the advent of this facility, it is possible that in future the ATM card may run out, as it will neither cause the risk of card skimming nor the tension of forgetting the card, it will also save time.

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