What is UPI Lite

What is UPI Lite | How to transfer money with UPI Lite App | How to do Offline Transaction with UPI?

Hello friends, in today’s time, digital method is being adopted a lot for transacting money. UPI is used to make these digital payments. In general, UPI is used online through the Internet. But do you know that now even without internet, money transactions can be done offline through UPI. India’s NPCI – National Payments Corporation of India company has launched an on-device wallet named UPI Lite in the market. Through which UPI can also be done in offline mode.

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Although initially the amount to be transferred through this UPI has been kept very small. Because of which it can be used for small transactions. If you do not know about UPI Lite yet, then in this article you are being told about what is UPI Lite, and how to transfer money from UPI Lite App and how to do offline transaction from UPI.

What is UPI Lite?

UPI Lite will be a UPI based digital payment system without internet connection. In which you will be able to make digital payment even without internet connection. The biggest benefit of this UPI Lite will be those people living in rural areas of the country, who do not know how to run internet. In this, any person will be able to make digital payment through feature phone only. According to the guidelines issued by RBI, offline payment of maximum Rs 200 can be done at a time with UPI lite. The maximum limit of payment amount for offline payment has been fixed by RBI at Rs.2000.

How to do Offline Transaction from UPI?

  • If you want to transfer money through UPI without internet, then for that your mobile number should be linked to your account. If your number is not linked with your bank account, then you will not be able to do any transaction.
  • For UPI payment, first you have to go to the dial pad of your mobile phone, enter *99# in the dial pad and click on the call button.
  • A pop-up menu opens on the screen of your phone, in which you will see many options, out of which you have to enter the number of the option according to your need and click on Send.
  • Now you have to choose the option through which you want to send money. Since you want to pay through UPI from mobile number, then select mobile option and enter the mobile number to which you are going to send money.
  • After this, enter the amount you want to send and press the send button.
  • Write Remark about the payment and complete the payment by entering the UPI PIN to make the transaction successful.
  • In this way your transaction will be successful without internet connection.
  • How to transfer money from UPI Lite App.
  • First of all, install the UPI Lite App on your Keypad Phone.
  • For this, you have to add another layer with your SIM and put it in your mobile phone. This will be an extra layer.
  • A software is installed in this layer, all the mobile phones supporting the SIM card, this software starts running on it.
  • After this, through this software, you can use banking in your phone.
  • The way a retailer completes the work of mobile recharge from Keypad Phone, in the same way money will be sent with the help of this software. NPCI software is installed in this, which makes the transaction successful.

Benefits of *99#

*99# service has been started to make banking services accessible to every person in the country. In this, customers will be able to avail banking services by dialling *99# in their mobile, and will be able to do transactions using the interactive visible on the mobile screen. Using *99#, you can send and receive deposits in your account to other person’s bank accounts, generate UPI PIN and get deposit information. At present, the service of *99# is being provided by 83 leading banks and all GSM service providers. It can be accessed in English, Hindi and 13 other languages.

How much money can be kept in UPI Lite Wallet?

  • Only 2000 rupees can be kept in the wallet of UPI Lite app, if you want, you can also select Auto Pay.
  • In this, even if you do not have money in your wallet, then this money will continue to be deducted from your bank. In this, you will not need OTP, PIN and Password to do the transaction.
  • Apart from this, if you have money in your UPI wallet, and you have not used it, then this money will automatically go back to the account.

When will the UPI Lite app come (UPI Lite app Launch Date)

No date has been confirmed yet regarding the release date of UPI Lite App. Such information has been said in the letter issued by NPCI – ‘National Payments Corporation of India’ on 16 March 2022. At present, this app will be brainstormed by all the banks, only after which any launch date will be confirmed.

Using this method, you will also be able to do offline transactions in a keypad phone, so that the service of making payments without internet will be available to everyone. Work has started on it to release the UPI Lite App.

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